Different types of coolers

We all have packed a foam cooler, which you have found at the convenience store, with ice, drinks, and food. Just like the rest of us, you want to find the cheapest one that they have available. After you have packed up the cooler, you put it in the back of the truck to head on your trip. Once you have arrived at your destination, you checked and the cooler is already full of water, and it has a hole in it from the ice; you picked it up, and everything fell out.

This type of cooler has gained a negative reputation over time.
So, in this article, we will go over the different types of coolers.

Foam cooler

The cheapest cooler that you can buy is the foam cooler that doesn’t have a lid that is attached to it. Most of them don’t even have a handle to pick them up. The lid just sits on top of it; there is nothing holding them on. This type of cooler is just used for like a one-time use and then throw it away.

Igloo coolers

2This type of cooler comes in different sizes. They are made of plastic, and inside the plastic there is a foam. Igloo coolers have a lid that is attached to them, so you don’t lose it. Most of your workers like drivers and construction workers will use the smaller size for lunch boxes. They work really well at keeping your food cool and dry.

RTIC and YETI cooler

Believe it or not, the RTIC cooler was at war with YETI not long ago. When comparing RTIC and YETI, it would be difficult because they both look alike in size and color; the only difference is the name that appears on them. They both work the same way. They are white in color with a wire handle. They also have locking tabs that secure the lid. They both get the job done. They are very good coolers, but they may differ when it comes to the price.

Cost of coolers

3The saying, ‘you get what you pay for’, is so true when it comes to a cooler. You have to be careful because some retail stores will charge you an arm and a leg for a good cooler. This is where you should compare the different prices from other retail stores. You will be able to do this on the Internet.…


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WordPress website maintenance and management service

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Your role in website maintenance

The fact that you have been searching for a genuine website maintenance company and you have found it, does not mean that you should take the backseat. More than ever, you should be on your toes because the results depend on the effort you put in. For instance, you should check for updates and see whether they have been done just to be sure of what it is that you should expect.
Failure to which could lead to the closure of the website leading to the setup of another website. This means you have to put more costs on the web design aspect of it all among other factors. Setting up a decent website is no easy fit and therefore requires you to be careful so as not to lose the one that you have worked so hard for.

How to find a genuine website maintenance company

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